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Mappy Hour: Building and Growing an Open Source Community
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Building and Growing an Open Source Community: Lessons from OSM Americana

In this Mappy Hour, Brian Sperlongano will share experiences and practical insights gained from building and growing the OSM Americana project. Learn about the nuts and bolts of community building, including getting started, building motivation, avoiding common challenges, and fostering a collaborative environment. Whether you're new to open source or an experienced contributor, you'll learn valuable tips and strategies for building and sustaining a thriving community. Join us to hear lessons learned that could help you build better open-source communities.

Mappy Hours are virtual gatherings with presentations from community members about OpenStreetMap-related projects or topics. It's a space to meet new people and conversations tend to be about things like:

  • Mapping and Tagging
  • Imports
  • Local groups and local events
  • The OSM US organization
  • What's happening in the rest of the world
  • Anything you want to discuss!

Any recorded past presentations can be found on the OpenStreetMap US YouTube channel.